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FloodBuddy is an innovative and simple flood defence system that is simple to install and use. Newlands have recently began supplying FloodBuddy in the Worcestershire area, and plan on rolling out this effective flood defence system to anyone who is threatened by flooding or who just wants peace of mind.

Why FloodBuddy?

FloodBuddy is a cost effective method of protecting your home from flooding. The barrier can be put in place within seconds due to it's innovative locking design. It can be self installed with minimal DIY tools by following the simple instructions.

Why VentBuddy?

VentBuddy is another unit which will protect those often overlooked air vents in external walls. As with FloodBuddy the unit is simple to install and provides an excellent watertight barrier in seconds.

“The air vents located in external walls are often overlooked, but the VentBuddy is a simple an effective barrier”